Monday, January 15, 2018

Martin Luther King Jr. Glossary for Families

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day! 

In honor of the great Dr. King, I have created this printable poster and glossary of words associated with the American hero. His words are just as important today as they were back when he was alive and especially on August 28, 1968, when he delivered his famous speech.

Decorate your classroom or refrigerator with these colorful posters, or print the black-and-white version and have your child color it in.

To celebrate the holiday, I've made this a FREE DOWNLOAD TODAY ONLY! 

Visit my TpT shop to download your copy today.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Free Download: The Letter "A"

The awesome thing about Spanish is that (unlike English) all the vowels make only one sound no matter where they are located in a word. It makes learning the language - and spelling! - so much easier.

MommyMaestra's sponsor, Spanish for You!, is kicking off the year with a fun mini-lesson on the letter "A."

This 3-page mini-lesson will help your young Spanish learner use and pronounce the letter "A." The file includes a page of directions and two storyboard activities. As always, it comes with the audio file to help you learn proper pronunciation. This time, however, there are three files for your listening pleasure!! :)

Remember! Spanish for You!'s program is geared for middle schoolers and is the perfect choice for homeschoolers and afterschoolers alike because their concepts are carefully divided up into manageable bundles that are available for immediate download from their website.

If this is your first time here, you can find other free samples from Spanish for You! here. There are some fantastic downloads of games and activities for you and your family to enjoy. If you enjoy this activity, be sure to visit the Spanish for You! website where you'll find tons of additional resources for you to help your young Spanish learner!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Printables and Crafts for Día de los Reyes

Does your family celebrate Día de los Reyes Magos? Or maybe you are simply learning about this Christmas tradition. Either way, don't forget that I have a post that lists TONS of resources for exploring and celebrating the holiday. From books to music to videos, you'll find everything you need in English and Spanish.

In addition, I have several printables, such as the one shown above of reading passages, coloring pages, and letter templates that you may enjoy, too. You can find them in my TpT store and my MommyMaestra online shop.

And finally, don't miss out on the activities I've shared before, including this Reyes Writing Activity. It is part of the decorations packet that you can use to decorate your house or classroom. Do you put your shoes at the end of your bed or do you set out a box of hay for the Magi's camel? If it is the latter, you'll enjoy the printable coloring sheets to use to decorate your box!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Printable Bilingual 2018 Resolution Worksheet for Kids

printable bilingual 2018 resolution worksheet for kids


That's the word that I'm embracing for 2018. It's a word that reflects my hopes, and one that motivates me to be the change I want to see in our country.

This year, I've added a section to my bilingual resolution chart that includes space for kids to write down their own word for 2018. In addition to this, the chart includes several other sections to help you guide your children as they think about all the challenges and blessings of the last year and focus on how they'd like this next one to be different. I think the chart helps empower kids by helping them think about their own control over their education and life choices.

I've shared this resolution chart with you for the last several years with occasional tweaks. I still love it when my kids set goals and try to work toward them. And this chart is a helpful guide.

So if you'd like to use this printable with your own children, you can download it free below. The file contains both an English and Spanish worksheet.

Happy New Year!

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