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Las Posadas Lesson Plans, Crafts, Activities, and Music

Growing up I attended countless posadas. Some were hosted by my family, and the rest by friends. Even now, some 20 (30?!?!) years later, I can still remember the excitement and the anticipation that each one created within me. I always chose to be a part of the outside group, one of the “peregrinos” asking for shelter. Standing outside in the cold with my boots pinching my feet, I would shiver and watch my breath floating away on their frigid air. Sometimes I would stand with a candle clutched in my hand or maybe holding the peregrinos that my grandmother fiercely guarded all year long, stored carefully in a box, only to be taken out and lovingly prepared for their important role in our yearly celebrations.

It grieves me that I cannot share this tradition with my own children now. Distance and circumstance can be bitter bedfellows. But I can still share my own childhood experiences with them through stories and in other ways that I piece together. I hope you enjoy this collection of lesson plans, activities and crafts that I have discovered or that others have shared with me. This page will continue to be updated as I stumble upon new ideas or projects, so check back often. And I do hope that you will not hesitate to share your own discoveries or creative activities with us, as well…

First of all, be sure to check out my Pinterest Board on Las Posadas for some great ideas!

History and Lesson Plans

Las Posadas A nice description and history with links to various sites related to las posadas.

Christmas in Mexico: Navidad en Mexico, a Mexican holiday resource page Lots of links!

Celebrate La Posada in Mexico! Scholastic’s lesson plan

Christmas in Mexico A BILINGUAL description of Mexican Christmas traditions.

La Posada: A Christmas Skit An English version. Too bad they don’t have a Spanish version, but I think that most teachers could rewrite the lines for their Spanish classes.


• In my TpT shop, I have a Las Posadas Minibook that is an introduction for young children. It includes coloring pages of the elements most closely associated with the holiday, as well as brief descriptions of each one.

• I also have this set of Las Posadas Bilingual Book of Words for children in Pre-K through 2nd grade.

• You may also love my Posada Countdown Calendar! It's great for home or classroom use.

• My Do-It-Yourself Posada Kit has all the resources you'll need for hosting your own posada at home or school. 

 • See my entire Las Posadas collection here.


Las Posadas ~ Preparing for La Navidad Features recipes from the Diabetes Holiday Cookbook, such as warm apple empanadas, vegetable tamale pie, and fresh fruit quesadillas!

Ponche Navideño on Experience San Miguel de Allende One recipe for the traditional Mexican Christmastime drink.

• Feliz Navidad - Christmas Eve Mexican Style - Las Posadas by also has some super yummy recipes.


Mexconnect’s Mexican Tradition - Pidiendo Posada Probably the best source of lyrics with English and Spanish versions. They also have a sheet music version.

The Mexican Posada Song on Experience San Miguel de Allende


• Don't miss this EXCELLENT tutorial on making your own traveling nacimiento by Sabor a Cajeta.

• has a great page with instruction on making a star piñata (and other shapes), as well as free printable patterns for making papel picado.

• Teacher’s Discovery has a mini star piñata kit that comes with the materials to make 30 mini star piñata ornaments. They also carry a glittery poinsettia kit that makes 90(wow!) 3-dimensional flowers.

• I like the simple directions on eHow the best for making your own farolitos, or luminary craft. (Remember that to reduce the risk of fire, you can always buy battery-powered votive candles.)

Tin Can Luminary Craft Good instructions for creating a tin can luminary.

• Primera Escuela has a poinsettia fan for children to make. A poinsettia craft is better than having the real thing around children as the plant is toxic. Here are the instructions in Spanish. And has a lesson plan/crafts for poinsettias in English.

• But my favorite poinsettia craft is this one from First Palette.

• Here is a coloring page not of the posada, but of the children hitting the piñata and scrambling for candies.

• You can also find a few coloring pages of María y José on their way to Bethlehem here.

• Crayola has this luminary path craft thats fun and easy to do.


• Not too many videos out on posadas, but I really like this one by The Other Side of the Tortilla.

Here is one about the different elements of a posada.

• Teacher’s Discovery also has a DVD, Las Posadas: Christmas in Mexico

And don't miss this one...

Books (the following are affiliate links to my Amazon store)

Night of Las Posadas by Tomie dePaola

The Legend of the Poinsettia by Tomie dePaola

Carlos, Light the Farolito by Jean Ciavonne and Donna Clair

Las Posadas: A Christmas Musical for Children from the Mexican Tradition by Albert Zabel, Deborah Somuano

Las Posadas: An Hispanic Christmas Celebration by Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith

Las Posadas (Fiestas Con Velas) (Spanish Edition) by Jennifer Blizin Gillis

Uno, Dos, Tres, Posada! by Virginia Kroll


• Amazon has a nice list of downloadable posada songs, but here are my top three favorite ones.

Con mucho cariño...

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  1. Thank you for creating such a complete site for Las Posadas. You've given me lots of ideas for my 3rd, 4th, & 5th grade classes.

  2. Thanks for this site. All the wonderfull resources that i will be sharing with others in education. I also remember those days of posadas when I visted Mexico as a child. Now that I have my own children I have started doing my own posadas with my family and neighbors. My children, along with my nephews and nieces, look forward to dressing up each and every year. It may not compare to what I lived, but the tradition continues.

  3. Another good book about las posadas is "Gift of the Poinsettia/ El Regalo de la Flor de Nochebuena" by Pat Mora and Charles Ramirez Berg. The book describes traditions such as the piñata, cascarones, Mexican foods and candies, and farolitos.

  4. Dear Anonymouses, you are most certainly welcome! This is my favorite cultural tradition by far....

  5. I am a homeschooling mama as well! I have been trying to teach my kids Spanish from their infancy, even though I am far from fluent. I am hosting a Las Posadas party tomorrow and was looking for any last minute ideas that I might have missed. I have invited children we know in the neighborhood and we will walk only around the bloc and knock on their own doors until getting to my house. No one I invited knew of this tradition, and it's been fun getting to introduce it to them! The kids will wear Nativity costumes and at our house we will have cookies, birthday cupcakes for Jesus and of course a pinata. We have Spanish Christmas music, too. I'm really looking forward to it!

  6. Anonymous, good for you! It sounds like so much fun. If you happen to take any pictures and are willing to share them, please feel free to upload one or two to the MommyMaestra FB page! That would be so encouraging to other moms, I think.

    Best of luck!!

  7. What a wonderful post! Thank you for creating such a great list of resources, my preschoolers are going to LOVE learning all about posada :)

  8. thank you you are a lifesaver

  9. wow wee thNKS YOU ARE GREAT

  10. This is a wonderful site and is so detailed! I am looking forward to learning more about this wonderful holiday in Mexico!

    Thank you for sharing!

  11. Thank you for posting all of this, even my high school Spanish class will enjoy learning about Las Posadas.


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