Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cursive Learning Resources in English and Spanish

Spanish cursive curriculum

Last March, a reader asked me on Facebook if I would share some cursive writing resources in Spanish. Specifically, she was looking for a workbook that had complete sentences in Spanish. A little research yielded quite a few resources, and that has remained on my schedule for months. So enough is enough already, and I thought I'd go ahead and share sites and books in both English and Spanish for those of you whose children are learning to write in cursive.

I want to start off by linking to this article on Psychology Today about What Learning Cursive Does for Your Brain, and why I think it is so important for children. Too many schools are dropping it from their curriculum.

And now the resources. These are just a few of the resources I've found. There are MANY others. If you have some you'd like me to add, just let me know in the comments.

English Cursive Writing Resources

Spanish Cursive Writing Resources

Bilingual Tools:

last updated: 10/22/2013


  1. I love the informática para docentes link! My son is just about the right age for beginning cursive instruction. I tend to like the simple, upright style they use in Spain/So. America. This link provides that style as well as a more formal looking font. My only problems with the font is the letter 'p' which is open and the letter 'k' which looks like an 'h'. I guess the upper loop is supposed to be open so it looks more like an upper case 'K' though. I plan on allowing my son to choose the style he likes best, with the hopes that he'll be more motivated to practice in the style he enjoys :)


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