Monday, October 24, 2022

10 Videos for Kids on How to Draw Sugar Skulls

10 Videos for Kids on How to Draw Sugar Skulls

There are literally dozens of fantastic tutorials on YouTube on how to draw sugar skulls. Some of them are just the cutest things I've ever seen. And some of them have been turned into really clever crafts. With my own kids in mind, I went through and found some of the best videos for drawing or painting calaveras. Scroll through the ones I've listed below and let your kids pick out the ones they'd like to try!

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Gather Your Art Supplies

Before you get started, first decide on the video tutorial you'll be using. Then go ahead and get all your art supplies together. Here are some of the supplies used in the following art lessons.

How to Draw Frida Kahlo Videos

The first ones come from Miss Teresa Art (I've shared her art tutorials before)

Art for Kids Hub is one of my absolute favorite online drawing programs for kids. I've written about them before.

iCanHazDraw has a two part tutorial. Part one is shown below. And here's a link to part two.

Here's one from Articco Drawing:

Deep Space Sparkle is always one of the best art resources online. Here's their tutorial for a mixed media art piece:

Frazier Tales has this simple and easy to follow tutorial for younger students.

Maybe your student is really into pixel art? Then they'll like this tutorial from Hello Pixel Art.

I really love these little Sugar Skull Bookmarks from Red Ted Art!

Jessica Rocks has this fun tutorial for painting sugar skulls on rocks.

And if people calaveras aren't really your thing, then here's a lesson for drawing a calavera CAT from Draw So Cute:


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