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Celia Cruz Lesson Plans, Coloring Pages, Crafts, Activities and More

Did you know that the Cuban "Queen of Salsa" Celia Cruz, originally studied to become a literature teacher? But she interrupted her studies to pursue singing opportunities that eventually led to stardom. She has become beloved by generations all over the world for her operatic voice, flamboyant costumes and intimate relation to the music of Salsa. I've listed resources available for educators and parents below. If you want to learn about other important figures, check out my post on Latinos in History Your Children Should Know.

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Lesson Plans for Celia Cruz

Elementary Lessons

Resources for Middle & High School

Kid-Friendly Videos for Celia Cruz

Here's my favorite biography video for kids of any age from Cultura Colectiva Plus: The History Machine: Celia Cruz

Read Alouds

Here are a couple of video read alouds of two different children's biographies about Celia Cruz.

Activities & Crafts


by Lisbeth Kaiser

It's also available in Spanish:
¿Quién fue Celia Cruz?: ¿Quién fue? Un libro de cartón

by Veronica Chambers

by Monica Brown

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