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The Best Children's Books about Frida Kahlo

The Best Children's Books about Frida Kahlo

Happy birthday, Frida! Did you know that she would have been 115 years old today? In honor of the occasion, I've put together this massive list of the best children's books about Frida Kahlo.

And in case you missed it, yesterday I shared a list of Frida crafts for kids that you may enjoy sharing with your children. These books and crafts are great to read and do this week, but also any time during the year! 

There are SO many great books about the artist. I've linked to them on Amazon below, but seriously, you can request these titles from your local library or ask them to get them from another branch if they don't have them in stock. Sometimes, librarians will even put them on their "to purchase" list. 

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Board Books about Frida Kahlo

Here are some excellent board books AND simple books written for children up to 5 years old. But older children may enjoy these titles, too!

by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara 

Picture Books about Frida Kahlo

For children ages 5 and older, these picture books are beautiful biographies to introduce children to Frida.

by Monica Brown

by Margaret Frith

by Isabel Munoz

by Anthony Browne

Chapter Books about Frida Kahlo

These books are best suited for children ages 8 to 12. They give great information about the artist while still incorporating outstanding illustrations.

by Mike Venezia

Who Was Frida Kahlo?
by Sarah Fabiny

by Magdalena Holzhey

Graphic Novels about Frida Kahlo

Graphic novels are a fabulous way to encourage young readers. If these types of books excite you or your children, check out my Mega List of Spanish Comics for Kids.

by James Buckley Jr.

by Button Books 

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