Thursday, March 3, 2022

17 Dinosaur-Themed Crafts for Kids

You guys know that I have a 4-year-old. And he is all about EVERYTHING that is dinosaur related. I'm reminded of the
meme from Sheldon Comics that is of a graph showing the time in your life that you know the most about dinosaurs.

So in honor of my kid, I'm sharing this list of 15 dinosaur crafts for kids. We're already working our way through it!

Dinosaur Crafts for Kids

Each of these dinosaur crafts for kids are the perfect way for kids to use their imagination and creativity making their own prehistoric creatures! Whether it’s for a classroom craft, birthday party activity, or just for fun at home, there are so many awesome dinosaur crafts for kids to choose from!

  1. DIY Dino Bones Activity
    Do you have a young archaeologist in your house? Then this activity is for them! First, create your own dinosaur bones, teeth, and claws using air-dry clay. Then bury them. Then dig them up and record the data!

  2. DIY Fossil Dig
    This was part of my Summer of Fun series seven years ago! My son was 8 at the time and had a blast creating his own fossil dig. A list of materials is included.

  3. Handprint Dinosaur Card Craft
    Sam at Simple Everyday Mom has this super fun Triceratops handprint card that is pretty easy to put together. (My 4yo was quick to point out that it is not a Stegosaurus as I called it by mistake!)

  4. Paper Dinosaur Puppet Craft
    These puppets are perfect for story time. All you need is the free template, some construction paper (or colored cardstock), glue, and popsicle sticks. Then you can encourage your child to make up his own story using these puppets. :)

  5. Clothespin Dinosaur Craft
    This was the first craft we put together and my 4yo wanted to copy the color exactly. We didn't paint the clothes pins, though. And we used googly eyes instead of paint, but the joy he had was just as strong as it would have been if we had!

  6. Cupcake Liner Dinosaur Craft
    These are the cutest little cupcake liner dinosaurs! And putting them together is so simple. If you eat a lot of cupcakes at home, then you probably already have all the materials you need.

  7. Movable Dinosaur Craft
    Another great dino craft from Crafts by Amanda. This movable brachiosaurus (?) is 10 times the fun simply because his body parts move!

  8. Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils
    These are crazy fun for little hands to make. And they even get to use their own dinosaur collection! All you need are 3 simple ingredients and then let the fun begin.

  9. Paper Plate Triceratops
    If you aren't afraid of a little paint in your little one's hands, then this step-by-step tutorial and video may be for you!

  10. Dinosaur Handprint Craft
    My 4yo is always asking to make handprint crafts, so this one from Mombrite is PERFECT for him...and maybe your child, too? I like handprint crafts because they let kids practice their tracing and cutting skills. Yay for fine-motor skill development!

  11. DIY Scratch Art Dinosaur Craft
    Here's another super clever activity from Messy Little Monster. Younger kids may need a little help with this one, but both they and older children with love this craft lesson. It involves creating a dinosaur from cardboard, layering it with media and then scratching it off to reveal the beautiful colors below.

  12. Tape Resist Dinosaur Bone Art
    If you're looking for STEAM activities, this is it! How fun is it to create your own dinosaur "skeleton" drawing using tape-resist paint techniques?

  13. Dinosaur Craft for Kids
    This is cute and fun for little fingers. Mom will have to probably cut out the pieces, though, for younger children. If you make several at a time, though, your kids can have a good time mixing and matching pieces!

  14. T-Rex Dinosaur Craft
    T-Rex is everyone's favorite. So this is an excellent activity for birthday parties or dino-themed classes. The best part is that Jeannie's template includes both a small and big version. :)

  15. DIY Felt Dinosaur Plushie
    Oh my gosh, this one makes me want to squeal. It's adorable! But not a craft for little ones to put together. Older kids or parents can make this easy plushie then give it to the younger kids to play with. Ha!

  16. Dinosaur Night Light
    For older kids who like more of a challenge, this one from Crafts by Amanda is the bomb! Your kids will love making their own night light while letting their imagination run wild.

  17. Bubble Wrap Print Dinosaurs
    Mess at its best! No one can resist bubble wrap - especially when you throw in a little paint!

Books & Printables

And if you have little ones, pairing one of these activities with a book - like this one from Laurie Berkner - is a win/win! I've even included a free download to go with the book. 

And for our bilingual learners, here's a printable set of dinosaur-themed puzzle cards with vocabulary in both English AND Spanish - you choose which language works best for your family.


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