Thursday, June 17, 2021

15 Sandía Crafts for Summer!


Summer is here, and that means it's time for sandía! Not only is it the perfect summertime snack—juicy, sweet, and refreshing—but it makes for great artistic inspiration too.

Your kids will love this list of fun watermelon crafts and activities to help fill their summer days. From sticky watermelon slime to sponge-painted watermelon slices, there's something here for every kid. There's even a watermelon ojo de Dios yarn weaving project that would make a terrific summer camp craft. Kids will also get a kick out of the erupting watermelon science experiment based on the classic baking soda and vinegar reaction.

Ready to get started? Make one of these sweet crafts today!

15 Watermelon/Sandía Crafts & Activities for Summer Fun

  1. Watermelon Card | The Best Ideas for Kids
  2. Torn Paper Watermelon Craft | Fantastic Fun & Learning
  3. Paper Plate Watermelon | Glue Sticks & Gumdrops
  4. Paper Handprint Watermelon | Fun Handprint Art
  5. Button Watermelon Craft | A Cultivated Nest

  6. Watermelon Sponge Painting | Fantastic Fun & Learning
  7. W is for Watermelon | Must Have Mom
  8. Watermelon Bookmark | Sunny Day Family
  9. Watermelon God's Eye | Red Ted Art    ** This is an awesome ojo de Dios craft.
  10. Painted Watermelon Flower Pot | Mommy Moment

  11. Paper Watermelon Toy | Moms & Crafters   *** PERFECT for young children with play kitchens!
  12. Watermelon Fan | Crafts by Amanda -- Super cute! I think this is a great idea for my 3yo.
  13. Watermelon Slime | Giggles Galore
  14. Erupting Watermelon Science | Natural Beach Living -- 
  15. Painted Handprint Watermelon Letter W Craft | Kindergarten Worksheets & Games

Printable Sandía Preschool Pack

It's not a craft, but don't forget my Sandía Activity Pack! It keeps those nenes busy, busy. It's available with all the activity pages in English AND Spanish (the letter of the week for the Spanish versions, though, is S). 


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