Monday, February 7, 2022

Spanish for You Sale


The following post is in collaboration with MommyMaestra sponsor, Spanish for You!
They’ll ask to do Spanish! That’s what many homeschool parents say when they use Spanish for You! with their kids. If you’ve been looking for a program to teach your kids Spanish, check out Spanish for You!’s offer below! 

Get Free 5 Learning Songs & Lyrics Set and Free Valentine Lesson with purchase of Mi vida (My Life) Homeschool Package ($44.95) - risk-free with 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
The Spanish for You! Mi vida (My Life) Homeschool Package lasts the school year and teaches your child to understand, speak, read, and write about their own life. There are 5 units - My House, My Room, My Family and Friends, My Activities, and My Classes - taught through kid-friendly, fun lessons that require no Spanish experience by you or your kids.

The Homeschool Package:

  • is reusable.
  • comes with everything you need.
  • can be used with multiple ages together.
  • is interactive and hands-on.
  • easy for kids to do on their own or with you.
  • and has short, step-by-step lessons.

Plus, all content is on audio so you can hear everything!


In addition to all the materials included in the homeschool package, you also gain access to FREE supplemental resources on their Curriculum Users page and their YouTube channel!

Free Mi vida (My Life) 5 Songs & Lyrics Set

The FREE Songs & Lyrics Set contains 5 Songs that match the units in the Mi vida Homeschool Package, with one song per unit. The songs come in MP3 format for download and playing on any of your devices. Plus there are printable lyrics so your kids can sing along.

Using songs to supplement language learning is beneficial because it provides listening practice, pronunciation practice, is fun, AND helps learners get a feel for the natural rhythm of the spoken language. 

Free Valentine Lesson

The FREE downloadable Valentine Lesson teaches students to use 14 vocabulary words and 6 verbs so they can speak, read, and write about Valentine’s Day in complete sentences. Plus everything they learn in this lesson they’ll be able to use to speak, read, and write about things in everyday life too!


The lesson includes:

  • Step-by-Step Lesson filled with a variety of games and activities!
  • Audio so you can hear everything!
  • Vocabulary and Verb Word Cards
  • Vocabulary Picture Cards
  • Sentence Building Worksheet
  • Verb Conjugation Learning Chart
  • Learn More About Verbs Activity Sheet
  • Answer Key
To order and get all your FREE extras:

• Add the Mi vida Homeschool Package to your cart here.

• Add the Mi vida Songs & Lyrics Set to your cart here.

• Add the Valentine Lesson to your cart here.

• Use code LoveMommyMaestra to get the Songs & Lyrics Set and Valentine Lesson FREE. 

This offer is valid through 2/28/22.


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