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7 Books that Help Teach Financial Literacy to Kids

7 Books that Help Teach Financial Literacy to Kids

Did you know that a person's financial habits are usually established by the time they are only 7 years old??? That's why it is so important to teach children about money and money management while they are young. You can still learn good habits as you get older, but it takes conscious effort and well planned lessons.

I've talked about financial literacy and kids before. How it's important to take advantage of teachable moments, as well as to utilize the resources that are out there designed for families and children. But I wanted to add this list of children's books that help kids learn about managing money. I hope you find them helpful!

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by Pamela George 

The twins, Ella and Andy, receive three piggy banks each for their 5th birthday when they have their hearts set on a camera and a bike. Their parents explain that the twins will start to receive an allowance of three dollars a week that they will divide into three piggy banks called Saving, Sharing and Spending. When Ella and Andy meet their goal of saving five dollars each, their parents will help them buy the gifts they wanted.

Young readers will learn about delayed gratification, the importance of sharing, how to set a goal for saving, and how good it feels to buy something special while living within one’s means.

The author, Pamela George, is dedicated to financial management and helping others escape the cycle of poverty and debt. Three Little Piggy Banks will put kids on the right track for a future of financial stability. Kids are encouraged to personalize their piggy banks and decorate them with pictures associated with their dreams and goals.

The book comes with a handy tracking sheet to help them manage their savings, spending, and donations.

by Will Rainey

Now you can bond with your kids over fun stories about money and turn every day into a valuable financial lesson that will assist them in their daily lives as adults!

Grandpa's Fortune Fables features a 13-year old girl named Gail sharing her Grandpa's adventures to a faraway island where he learned how to look after his money and become a very wealthy man. She is putting what she learned from him into action and now has more money than most kids her age.

by Greenehaus Press

This book is designed for financial exposure and literacy for kids 6-12 years old. Some of the vocabulary words in this workbook may not be familiar to most adults, but the point is to expose a young audience to financial terms they may encounter in the future. Adults teaching kids financial literacy may even learn new words! This workbook is by no means exhaustive, but it does include short definitions with relatable examples for most kids to understand. There are terms like GDP (Gross Domestic Product), W-2, and Income. Building a stable financial foundation for kids is so important for them to be fiscally responsible in the future.

by Walter Andal

Frustrated by the lack of resources that apply the concept of finance to real life situations for his own children to learn from, author Walter Andal was inspired to create an informative and entertaining book to help children get on the right path to making smart personal financial decisions.  In Finance 101 for Kids, children and parents will explore: 
  • How money started
  • How to earn and make money
  • Saving and investing
  • What credit is and the dangers of mishandling credit
  • What the stock market is
  • Economic forces that can affect personal finance
  • What currencies and foreign exchanges are
  • The importance of giving back to the community
  • And much, much more!

by Dylin Redling

With a little help from the astounding Dollar Duo―Mr. Finance and Investing Woman―this engaging guide to investing for kids ages 8 to 12 covers essential information about stocks and bonds, how you can invest in them, and how they can help you build your wealth. Learn about the concepts of “risk” and “reward” as well as learn how to diversify your portfolio and, ultimately, how to make your money grow.

Investing for Kids delivers:
  • Practical advice―Explore modern investing techniques like impact investing and digital trading.
  • A kid-friendly focus―Get real-life examples that you can relate to and find out about famous investors and historical events.
  • Taking stock―Dive into interactive activities and discussions that include kids and parents alike.

James McKenna 

A thorough introduction to finance from the people behind BizKid$, How to Turn $100 into $1 Million includes chapters on setting financial goals, making a budget, getting a job, starting a business, and investing smartly – and how to think like a millionaire. Plus: a one-page business plan template, a two-page plan to become a millionaire, and a personal budget tracker. (Ages 10 - 14)

by Margarita Brown

This practical and fun workbook is packed with fascinating information and learning prompts. The activities and lessons will help students to understand money, business, economics, government, and so much more.

Students will study how money works and how the government influences the economy. this book is current! Students will also research topics such as how the COVID-19 Pandemic is impacting the United States and the world today. They will also look into historic events that changed the country such as the Great Depression. In order to understand the future, we must learn from the past. In order to succeed we must understand why so many businesses fail, and why others thrive even in hard times. It is also vital for students to understand how different forms of government can have a negative or positive influence on the economy of a region.

Click the link to read what other books are recommended for this curriculum.

BONUS BOOK for Parents

by Andrea Stephenson and Linsey Mills 

From money recognition to real estate investing, Andrea and Linsey, help parents and educators introduce kids to a variety of money topics in a fun, understandable, and engaging manner. Use the 110+ games/activities, tips, and resources to teach kids financial literacy at an early age.


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