Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Frogs: Lesson Plans, Videos, Books & More

Frog Lesson Plans, Videos, Books, and More

This Friday is Save the Frogs Day!

Did you know that worldwide, amphibians have seen a dramatic decline in their populations? Frogs appear to be especially vulnerable to changes in their environment.  

Save the Frogs Day takes place every year on the last Saturday of April. This year, I'm ahead of the game and sharing resources so you can plan your own frog lessons/celebrations. I hope you enjoy this list. 

Printable Frog Checkers Game (bilingual!)

But first, just a note to my newsletter subscribers: be on the lookout for this month's newsletter in your inbox. The freebie is this adorable and super fun set of Frog Checkers! 

Lesson Plans

Some great lesson plans found online ready to be downloaded or great for ideas...

Frog Websites & Articles

Here are some remarkable websites and articles with tons of resources. 


I love all of these videos! And your kids will, too.


Check out these fascinating books from your local library or order them from your favorite bookshop! (affiliate links to Amazon)


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