Monday, April 26, 2021

Bilingual Flash Cards for PreK & Kindergarten

The following is a sponsored post with Beau & Blaze Creations. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I absolutely love it when moms come up with a great idea or product, decide to market it to share with other families, AND work hard to make it good quality.

That's what Puerto Rican mama of 2, Jackie Palaualelo, has done. She's starting a line of bilingual products for kids and her first product is now available on Amazon and Etsy

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Bilingual Toddler Flash Cards has 93(!) dry erase bilingual flash cards, 4 binder (book) rings, and two dry erase markers. The cards are grouped into 4 sets:

  • English Alphabet, 
  • Spanish Alphabet, 
  • numbers 1-20, 
  • and 20 sight word cards

The cards are simple but colorful and eye-catching to keep your child engaged. Each set comes with a binder ring so you can keep them together. Crazy enough, this simple design of adding a ring, intrigues little kids. I gave them to my 3yo and he so enjoyed flipping through them. It makes the cards more interactive, less static.

I also love that the cards come with writing spaces and traceable number and letters. So for little ones learning letter recognition, this is a major plus. The cards themselves are laminated and waterproof making them extra durable. My youngest loves tracing and then erasing and then tracing and then erasing. I appreciate all the pincer/grasping skills he's developing by holding the pens and "writing."

These bilingual cards will help children develop a foundation in both English and Spanish. Go and follow them on IG! Why? Because you'll find great ideas for different educational ways to use these excellent flash cards.

Off the top of my own head, they are great for letter and number recognition, finger tracing, counting, spelling, reading, writing, memory game (Spanish & English taken off the ring), and more.


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