Thursday, August 8, 2019

Art for Kids Hub

Today's Back-to-School Fiesta favorite new resource is centered around ART.

By now, I hope we all know about the profound effect art classes can have on academic performance. Access to art classes really has a beneficial impact on how a child performs in all the other subjects. In this study of more than 10,000 students in the Houston area, exposure to art classes led to "a 3.6 percentage point reduction in disciplinary infractions, an improvement of 13 percent of a standard deviation in standardized writing scores, and an increase of 8 percent of a standard deviation in their compassion for others."

Another study found a link between arts elective courses in music, dance, visual art and drama, and better grades in middle school. According to the study "when all variables are accounted for, enrolling in the arts seems to be linked to better academic performance, in the same year and later years."

And Learning Liftoff lists the specific skills that art education helps develop.

So I'm always looking out for art curricula, either online or as DVD/workbook sets. A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon Art for Kids Hub on Facebook.

It. Is. So. Much. Fun!

The videos show kids how to draw various objects and scenes by watching the artist and his young student. After a brief introduction, the camera zooms to their artwork, and the drawing begins. Their art is side by side, so kids can see both versions.

It is fun and easy. If you have a budding artista, check out their streaming channel, so your kids can watch the lessons without ad interruption. Or they can watch for free on their YouTube channel (I don't recommend unless you have it set to restricted mode).

I haven't been able to find out much about the people behind the program, but I do know that it is a family out of Utah. And - MAN! - have they uploaded a TON of videos! You can learn how to draw pretty much ANYTHING. From dinosaurs to peregrine falcons to Miguel from Coco to a food truck to a Native American headdress...seriously, there's not much you can't find on their videos.

Here's a summer-themed one I just randomly picked out to show you.

If you're looking for more art resources, check out these on MommyMaestra:


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