Monday, August 5, 2019

The Bilingual Back-to-School Blog Hop & Free Download

I'm so happy to be participating in the Bilingual Back-to-School Blog Hop! So many fantastic free resources from some wonderful teachers, who if you aren't following them on TpT, you are totally missing out.

When I signed up, I stopped to think about what is it in my shop that I consider to be essential for classes. And I knew right away that it actually was something that every single school in the country should be teaching.

I created this #RespectEachOther Packet to Combat Bullying three years ago right after the election. I was getting emails from Latino parents worried about sending their children to school. So I made this packet to help parents and educators deal with the issue of bullying, and hopefully using it sometimes helps to stop bullying before it starts.

This packet includes:
  • posters to be placed as visual reminders
  • an educator's guide
  • discussion questions & guide
  • resources for parents
  • phrases parents can use when talking to school officials about their child being bullied
  • plans for students on how to deal with a bully
  • writing prompts
  • writing pages
  • and a recommended reading list

It's also available in Spanish...

and English...

I'm a Texan. And last weekend's shooting in El Paso affected me deeply as a parent, as a teacher, as a Mexican-American, as a Texan, as an American. I'm tired of ALL the mass shootings. It's so easy to feel helpless. This is just one small way that I feel like I can fight the hate and the extremism. I'm sorry to bring this sad subject up in this blog hop, but helping our children/students is just so important. And I think it is one way for us to actively help each and every student.

I hope that you enjoy this download. You can find both of them for free in my TpT shop.

And don't forget that all of my products on TpT AND my online shop are on sale. The TpT sale runs today and tomorrow, while my website sale will run through Friday. Just use the promo code BTS19 when you checkout to get 25% off your purchase.

Time to Hop...

Ready to hop off to the next stop on our Bilingual Back-to-School Blog Hop? You'll love La Profe Plotts! (I even love her logo.)

Go see what wonderful freebie she has lined up for you by clicking here.


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