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Holiday Gifting: Aula Creativa 5

Aula Creativa 5: Art Workbook in Spanish

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This review is one of a series of educational books in Spanish available from the new Nacho Books website. Find additional reviews in this series here

Aula Creativa 5: Art Workbook in Spanish

Aula Creativa 5 “Serie Educatión Artística” by Susaeta

Aula Creativa 5 by Susaeta is part of a series of books designed to support your child’s artistic thinking and skills. This series is all in Spanish and is geared toward advanced Spanish speakers in Pre-K through upper elementary/middle school. You can find the whole series books 1-9 at Nacho Books. 

Aula Creativa 5 introduces a variety of artistic skills, including drawing, mark making, color theory, simple instrument making, origami and more. Each activity is followed by it’s theme, goals, interdisciplinary theme, and further exploration. There are also spaces for recording the students’ prior knowledge and assessment of what they’ve learned through the activity. 

Aula Creativa 5: Art Workbook in Spanish

The lessons include jumping off points for studying artists within the western canon, art movements and interdisciplinary themes through a brief paragraph and an internet link for further investigation. For example, an image that asks for elements of an ocean scene be drawn and colored in is followed by a paragraph on what role the oceans and marine life play in Earth’s ecosystem and oxygen production.  The interdisciplinary nature of this book allows for an expansive view of art and how it connects to many areas of life. 

The introduction of the pedagogical approach and book’s structure for parent teachers is thorough and speaks to why and how visual and music education are important in learning and life. This is a great starting point or supplemental book for your child’s visual arts education, and music education to a lesser degree. The structure is good for parents who would like to see how to integrate art in an interdisciplinary way. 

Aula Creativa 5: Art Workbook in Spanish

If this sounds like it would support your child’s artistic growth head over to Nacho Books for this series and others on drawing, cutting, and creative writing. 

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