Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Little Passports Science Expeditions & a Sale!

A few months ago, I signed up for the new Little Passports Science Expeditions. It's a monthly subscription that brings various science projects to your doorstep for your kids to explore. We've had subscriptions to their World Edition and USA Edition in the past and my kids loved them. Now that they are older, we decided to try out Science Expeditions.

Our first packet arrived last month and we were NOT disappointed! The first kit was all about forensic science and one of the activities was to isolate the DNA from a strawberry. 

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Here's what this kit included:
  • An introductory 16-page comic book with glossary and bonus activities
  • An activity direction guide
  • A lab notebook for recording your observations
  • A fingerprint analysis card
  • An achievement badge for forensic science
  • All the equipment needed to conduct the experiment, except for the strawberry and a few household items;
  • Access to bonus online videos and science content

My son started off reading the comic book to learn the various terminology associated with the

Then he prepared his notebook and started setting up for his experiment.

If you're wondering how difficult the experiments are, here's a video for the DNA activity:

Science Expeditions: Berry DNA Video

As you can see, the activities are just challenging enough to keep your kids' attention without frustrating them. :) They are LOADS of fun and lots of learning taking place!

Super fun, right? This next month, my little scientists will be learning about vision and optics. They’ll build a camera obscura, a thaumatrope, and a spinning top with an optical illusion. We're excited for the kit to arrive!!

FYI - the time to sign up is NOW because Little Passports is celebrating its eighth birthday with a super sale (aff link)! But you'll have to hurry because the sale ends THIS Friday!


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