Sunday, April 2, 2017

A List of ESL Resources

I'm happy to be kicking off April by participating in a language resources collaboration with Bilingual Kidspot. Since I often get questions from parents speaking Spanish to their children who ask about when and how to introduce English to their kids, I'm covering ESL resources today.

There are certainly hundreds of resources available. From online games and apps to books and videos, I've done my best to share a list below of some of the best I've found. If you have a particular resource that you have found to be really helpful with your ESL students, please share!

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Language Apps & Online Programs


International Children's Digital LIbrary

Online Bookstores

Learn English Kids

ESL Websites

Recommended Books on ESL Teaching/Methodology

Recommended Workbooks & Reference Guides

Additional Resources & Helpful Articles

If you'd like to discover resources to 15 other languages (including Spanish), be sure to check out Bilingual Kidspot's Language Resources for Kids from Around the World!


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