Friday, March 10, 2017

Burbujas en el pelo de Jon Jon

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So I have to tell you that I get inundated with requests from authors and publishers to share their books on MommyMaestra. There is a gigantic pile of books next to my desk and I could quite easily spend all of my time simply writing book reviews. But there's a lot more to homeschooling than just reading books, so to make sure that I have time to write about other materials, I've scaled back to (mostly) sponsored book reviews that run at most once a week. I want to be clear, however, that I ONLY agree to share books that I think are well written and that I feel will interest my readers.

Burbujas en el pelo de Jon Jon (aff) is one of these. When the author reached out to me, I agreed to take a look. And I was so pleasantly delighted by the book when it arrived! Ingrid Aranzamendi Rivera was born and raised in Puerto Rico. And her mastery of Spanish is obvious. I always get requests from MommyMaestra readers asking me for original stories in Spanish that are NOT translations. This is a perfect example.

Spanish-speaking parents of children 8 years old and younger will enjoy reading this story to their children. It's the somewhat fantastical tale of a young boy who doesn't heed his mother's advice to be sure and rinse away all the shampoo in his hair. She says...

And he experiences the consequences!

This is Ingrid's first book, and the rhythm and rhymes are vivid and enchanting. She clearly is a native speaker and an excellent storyteller.

The illustrations are by Tirzah Pieters-Kwiers Benítez, a general biology student at the University of Puerto Rico in Humacao. They are a unique blend of watercolors and digital images that combine to enrich the storyline.

This story was such a pleasure to read! I recommend it to all bilingual families with young children.


This book is available in both a paperback and digital format. I am told that readers can download a free promo eBook on Amazon beginning (tomorrow!) Saturday, March 11th, through March 15th. Click here to get yours! (aff)


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