Monday, March 6, 2017

8 Advantages of Homeschooling

Families homeschool for a number of reasons and all of them have to do with the advantages to their children and/or families.

You can nurture your child’s bilingualism and biculturalism.

Not everyone has the opportunity to enroll their child in a language immersion program. But for many parents, passing on their heritage - including the language - is extremely important. While there are not many Spanish-language homeschool curricula available, there is a growing collection of bilingual resources that parents can use or create on their own to help them raise bilingual kids.

You can foster positive family relationships.

For most Latinos, nothing is more important than family. So homeschooling is often a perfect fit! The reality is that many families in the U.S. actually decide to homeschool to nurture a close relationship between family members. Close families may simply enjoy spending time together and love learning together. Other parents can see that their relationship with their child(ren) needs work or is suffering as a result of outside influences and a lack of time spent together, so they choose homeschooling as a way to reverse the situation and improve family ties.

You can travel!

Homeschooling doesn’t necessarily happen at home. Some families who travel a lot take their lessons on the road. Even if you do the majority of your teaching at home, as I do, it is absolutely wonderful not to be restricted to a spring or summer break schedule in order to take family trips. My husband’s work often requires him to travel and we frequently join him. Those trips are usually educational for my kids anyway, but I love that we can just pick up and go without worrying about whether or not my kids will be penalized for it by their school. Last fall, we traveled to Europe for a conference my husband had to attend. And we went a week early to spend time with my family in Spain. It was the trip of a lifetime in which my children learned so much and it was an experience they will NEVER forget. I’m so thankful our homeschool schedule made this three-week trip possible.

Oh, and another bonus is that many popular vacation spots are cheaper and way less crowded during the school year!

You can help protect your child.

Is your child dealing with bullies at school? Are you worried they might be in physical danger? Are drugs or alcohol or porn/sexual pressure a constant threat at your child’s school? All of these are legitimate reasons to change schools. Sadly, parents don’t always have that option. But homeschooling can certainly be a lifesaver in these cases!!

You can give them a better education.

If you are unhappy with your local schools and want a better education for your child, homeschool may be the answer. You might not have access to the fancy tools that many schools have, but studies show it is the one-on-one instruction time that actually makes the biggest difference in what and how much a child learns. And there are many options for homeschoolers now with museums and libraries loaning expensive equipment to homeschool families, or offering special classes just for homeschool students.

You can tailor your lessons to complement their learning style.

If your child is really struggling at school, it may be because he or she learns best in a way that is different from how they are being taught. For example, your son may learn best with hands-on activities, but the school focuses on teaching through textbooks and lectures. Homeschooling allows you to teach your child in the way that they learn best. And if you have more than one child, you can even modify your teaching style according to each child’s needs.

You can nurture your child’s individual talents.

Maybe your daughter is a budding pianist and you want to give her plenty of time and opportunities to focus on her passion. Or maybe your son has shown remarkable talent in swimming and is considering competing on a national level. Homeschooling is flexible enough to work around a rigorous training/practice schedule and will allow your child to focus on his or her talent.

You can prepare them for adulthood.

Too many children graduate from high school (and even college!) with no clue about how to communicate with others, hold a job, and balance a checkbook. Homeschooling gives parents a chance to model and teach life skills essential for a successful adult life.

Did you enjoy this article? Are you thinking about homeschooling your child? Let me help! My book - The Latino Family's Guide to Homeschooling - covers everything you see here and more. 


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