Monday, December 5, 2016

App Review: Mundo Lanugo en Navidad

UPDATE: Mundo Lanugo is no longer available. However, another app that you may enjoy Is the Canticos Bilingual Preschool App.

Last year, I did an app review of Mundo Lanugo's first app celebrating Hispanic heritage. And now I get to do that again. Their newest app is a celebration of Christmas...Latino style!

NameMundo Lanugo en Navidad
Subject(s): Spanish culture & language
Brief Description: An interactive, Spanish app that teaches children about Hispanic culture and language through holiday-themed animated videos and interactive games.
Price: $1.99
Language: Spanish
Ages: 2 - 5 years
DeviceiOS & Android

Your child will LOVE listening and dancing to the villancicos on this app! Or they may prefer to create their own music by dragging Lanugo characters holding different musical instruments onto the stage. 

The app also allows your creative child to dress up like their favorite Christmastime characters, such as one of the Reyes Magos, an elf, or even Mary, the mother of Jesus. Or they can build a guitar with Muki!

If you have children who love to spend time in the kitchen, they'll enjoy whipping up some holiday dishes with Chuy, or decorating their own virtual gingerbread house. :)

And finally, your child can enjoy two matching games. In one, they must match the items in their menu bar with the correct picture, and in the other, they must sort/match shapes.

Here's an idea of what the app is actually like. Wouldn't it make a fun, educational gift for the holidays? Give it to them early so they can get into the spirit, or play it on trips you might be taking this holiday season. 

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