Wednesday, December 7, 2016

4 Books for Young Trivia Lovers

If you have young adventurers at home who absolutely love learning amazing trivia, then you ought to consider buying some of these fabulous books from National Geographic Kids! Now more than ever, it is so important to introduce our children to other cultures and the amazing planet where we all live. Nothing combats ignorance and stereotypes faster than education...but learning doesn't have to be boring!

NGK has been one of our favorite resources for YEARS. So I was really hopeful when I applied to become a National Geographic Kids Insider and my whole family was beyond the moon when I was accepted. Why? Not only do I get to review great new materials like those listed below, I'm also able to share something that we love with MommyMaestra readers through reviews and occasional giveaways.

Every year, the kids beg me for the Almanac. And they spend forever reading it cover to cover and spouting off crazy facts. One year, someone gave my son his first set of Weird But True books and after that "Did you know...?" became a common refrain in our house.

So I want to encourage you to buy books for your kids this holiday season. And if you are looking for fun and educational titles, then be sure to check the following titles out.

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National Geographic Kids ALMANAC 2017 - $11.50

I'm not surprised that this is NGK's bestselling children's book, since my boy snatched it up as soon as he saw it and took off for the couch for some serious reading time. This book explores what's new in our world and is jam-packed full of scientific discoveries, wonders of nature, marvelous cultures and so much more. You'll find trivia, games, lists, longer stories and full-color photographs.

Your kid will learn about everything from armadillos and big cats to carnivorous plants and types of clouds to daring women in U.S. History. That's not even a drop in the bucket to the amount of information packed into this 352-page book!

New features include highlights on National Geographic Explorers and their amazing projects (plus, ways you can get involved!); a tour of history's most famous sites; an updated "Fun and Games" chapter filled with all-new games, jokes, and comics; an exclusive sneak peek from a National Geographic Kids Chapters book; all new weird-but-true facts, crafts, and activities; a new special "17 Facts for 2017" feature in every chapter; updated reference material; and much more.

Best suited for kids ages 8 - 12.

Nat Geo Kids National Parks Guide USA (Centennial Edition) - $10.50

A few years ago, my husband and I took the kids to the Grand Canyon and then up to Yellowstone. It is a family trip that we'll never forget. If you've never been to a national park, I want to encourage you to seriously think about it.

This past August, the National Parks Service celebrated its 100th anniversary. In preparation, this awesome guide was published earlier this year. And it is SO MUCH FUN! If your family is planning to travel to one of our National Parks this coming year, or if you've already been to one and simply want to expound upon that experience, then you need to get this book! Even if you don't have current plans to visit a National Park, it's a great way to experience one or more of them from the comfort of your own couch!

From Acadia National Park in Maine to Zion National Park in Utah, this book is full, full, FULL of wonderful information. We learned about parks we never even knew about! And it includes maps, lists, tips on things to see and a checklist of things to do, plus much, much more.

THIS is a book for young adventurers and travelers!

Best suited for kids ages 8 - 12.

Weird But True 8 - $6

The latest book in the Weird But True series, this one has over 300 new extreme, ridiculous, and amazing facts. Science, space, weather, geography, food, pop culture... Your child will read about everything! As usual, the photos and illustrations are stunning.

This is a great little book can go anywhere, but is especially perfect to keep in the car or bathroom and even makes an excellent bedtime read.

Best suited for kids ages 8 - 12.

Famous Fails - $11

This is such a fun book! It shares amusing stories about failures in history; your kids will learn about people, places, ideas that started as total flops. In fact, even in the book itself has mistakes in it!

I love how it reinforces the idea that sometimes, in order to succeed, we first have to fail. That sort of perspective releases our children from the pressure of trying to be perfect and always getting things right the first time around. In fact, my favorite quote from the book is this one by Tomas Edison:
"I have not failed 10,000 times;
I've successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work."
Your kids will laugh their way through this book that includes silly side features help to analyze the failures: "Lesson Learned," "It Could be Worse!," "Losing Combinations," and a "Fail Scale" help readers navigate the different kinds and scopes of the mistakes made. Read to learn what went wrong, what went right, and what kids can learn from each failed attempt.

Best suited for kids ages 8 - 12.

Happy learning!


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