Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Los Pollitos Bilingual App

Continuing with our Apps for Gifts series, today's featured app is Los Pollitos. It is created by Cantos, a new developer focusing on introducing music, Latin American culture, and the South American rain forests to children up to 5 years old.

Name: Los Pollitos
Subject(s): music, culture
Brief Description: An interactive story introducing children to the Los Pollitos song in both English and Spanish.
Price: FREE
Ages: 1-4

What my kids like:

The interactive aspect. For example, at the beginning of the story, they have to help the chicks hatch by tapping the screen to crack the eggs. Then they have to tap on the hen to make her feed the chicks. There are other elements on the screen they can interact with, and at any time, they can tap on the chicks to make them say "Pío" - and they do so in different tones.

They also love the subject matter (because anything with animals is great in their eyes), and the trip back to when they were younger and I would sing this to them.

What I like:

I love that we have the option of changing the song to be in English or Spanish or even whistling, as well as the option of having it sung by an adult or by a child. Oh, and it includes
celebrity guest singer Julio Briceño from Los Amigos Invisibles in his first foray into children's music.
And who can resist sharing this beloved song that is sung by mothers throughout Latin America? What a great opportunity for those of us who may have forgotten its existence in our childhood. I also love the graphics and the sweet ending to the story.

But for me the best part is that the app is FREE, so anyone can download it right now!



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