Thursday, September 24, 2015

New "Little 101" Series from PBS Parents Available Online

Why does my nose sneeze?
Where do my tears come from?
Why do dogs pant?
Why don't birds fall down when they fly?

These are some of the questions I remember my kids asking when they were little.

Sometimes the littlest minds pose the biggest questions—questions with complicated answers that often leave adults scratching their heads. For instance, how do you explain to a kid why they get dizzy when they twirl around really fast? But now there is a new video series from PBS Digital Studio called “Little 101” that is here to help.

I think the new series is cute and fun and informative. It's a good way to explore those hard-to-answer questions with your kids. The first episode has aired (see below), and more are on the way. 

“Little 101” combines appealing multimedia formats and accessible language to answer questions such as “Why Do Stars Twinkle?” and “Why Are We Ticklish?” Narrated and animated by Nathan Shields, aka Saipancakes, the series will post a new episode bi-weekly on the PBS Parents YouTube channel. So subscribe today!


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