Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Kids Going Back to School? We’re Doin' Good!

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Last week my Facebook feed filled up with pictures of my friends’ kids on their first day of school. Some of the parents were relieved to finally send their kids back to school while others were sad their family time had been reduced to those precious hours after school and on weekends. Those that homeschool like I do, are frequently relieved to get back on a set schedule after a few months of flying by the seat of our pants. Ha!

I’m reminded that once again, however, that it isn’t the amount of time we spend with our kids that matters; it is how we spend that time together. We can spend all day ignoring our kids or we can spend an hour talking, laughing, and loving them.

Most of the parents I know love their kids madly and are careful to seek out those precious moments at least once a day. They’re doin’ good as parents even when they are overwhelmed with busy schedules.

One of my best friends who also homeschools her kids, shared pictures of their first day of school. Even though she commented that getting her family back into the swing of formal lessons was tough, I’m amazed at how she handles homeschooling three kids. The youngest just turned 2 years old and, though not old enough to be taught formally, refuses to be left out of the schooling hours her older brothers enjoy. But my friend Robin is handling it really well, allowing her to be involved with simple activities such as coloring.

Homeschooling certainly presents its share of challenges, the least of which frequently is teaching multiple children at different grade levels at the same time. “At least school teachers are teaching students who are all more or less at the same grade level!” they say.

I’ve struggled with this also, but have finally found a routine that works for us by teaching only a couple of subjects separately and combining the rest. So as I begin my seventh year of homeschooling, I finally feel as if I’m doin’ good. I’ve never started a school year with that feeling!

At any rate, I know that parents all across the country - and even the world! - are working hard to raise happy, healthy children. And despite all our worries, we are doin’ good. Everyone has troubles and struggles, but too often we don’t give ourselves enough credit.

Are you doin’ good? Or do you know someone who is? Give yourself (or someone else!) a shout-out below. Let’s recognize our strengths and accomplishments instead of dwelling on our weaknesses or failures!


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