Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Star Wars Blueprints Paper Craft Millennium Falcon Adventure Pack

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Will wonders never cease? So the other day we went to our local bookstore (Books-A-Million) and as usual, my son headed straight for the Star Wars section. He came racing back to me absolutely delirious with excitement that there were a bunch of new products, including two new paper craft sets. After a brief bout of begging, I agreed to buy one and so we came home with the Star Wars Blueprints Paper Craft Millennium Falcon Adventure Pack.

You know, I really work hard to think of hands-on (non-tech) activities for my kids to do during the day because we are always limiting screen time. The allure of Minecraft and other games is too powerful, in my opinion. Especially for my son, so that's why we have strict rules in place. And that is why I love crafts and other activities that require my kids to think, read, follow directions, etc.

My son worked on this set all night until bedtime, and then almost all morning until he had completed both Han Solo, Chewbacca, and the Millennium Falcon. He still has the Falcon's cockpit to assemble. Putting it together required some patience and a lot of time and focus, so this little kit gets an A+ in my book!

Do you have a little Star Wars lover in your home? You can find this kit at Books-A-Million, or here on Amazon. 

And don't forget you can find LOTS of other Star Wars crafts, products, and ideas over on my Star Wars Pinterest board


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