Thursday, April 24, 2014

Little Passports 12 Month Subscription Giveaway + Melissa and Doug Toys

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One of the monthly subscriptions that we rely heavily on as a homeschooling family is our subscription to Little Passports. Once a month, we receive a package in the mail for the World Edition kit. Included in each package is a letter from our LP hosts, Sam and Sofia, a country sticker for placing on our LP suitcase (you get it when you first subscribe), a country "stamp" (sticker) for your LP passport, a pushpin map marker (a sticker that you can place on the world map you also receive at the beginning), a double-sided activity page, a photograph from the country, a boarding pass with a code that you can enter on the Little Passports website for additional interactive activities, and finally, some sort of craft of souvenir from the country.

As you can see above, this month we received a packet from Argentina! I love that the activity pages cover other subjects like math and science, but keep the theme of the month. For example, this month's activity page included a passage about how Argentina is known for its delicious steak. Sam and Sofia go out to dinner with their Argentine friends, Lucia and Gaston. My son had to figure out how many steaks they ate between the four of them and then add up their tab including the cost of their drinks. Math and geography! What could be better?? (And a practical application, too, I have to say as this is something my kids would actually use someday when they go out to dinner.)

Anyway, to celebrate their 5th birthday, Little Passports has an incredible giveaway in the works!

You can win a 12-month subscription to one of the best learning tools for your children, Little Passports. Enter now and you could have your own subscription by the end of the month, as well as some of the hottest toys on the market from Melissa and Doug! This prize is valued at $250, but let's be cannot put a price on your child learning fun facts about the world we live in! Little Passports allows your child to develop knowledge on all kinds of different historical figures, eras, locations and traditions, turning them into a true citizen of the world. And is super fun!

The deadline to sign up to win this prize is TOMORROW, April 25th. If you miss out on this weeks opportunity, don't fret...There is one more week of giveaways to enter. Just use the link below:

¡Buena suerte!


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