Tuesday, April 8, 2014

App Review: Wild Kratts Creature Power World Adventure

A new Wild Kratts app? Enough said. As soon as my young Kratt fans heard there was a new Wild Kratts app, there was no going back. In fact, I was able to use it as a great incentive for zipping through our school work last week! The kids were having one of those drag-the-subject-out-as-long-as-possible days until I happened to mention that PBS KIDS had a new app from their beloved animal rescue heroes. And that's all it took. An hour later, every last piece of school work was done! Here's what we thought of the app...

Name: Wild Kratts Creature Power World Adventure
Subject(s): science
Brief Description: Kids explore habitats around the world by donning their virtual creature power suit and imitating animal behaviors.
Price: $2.99
Language: English
Ages: 4 - 8
Device:  iOS 6.0+, iPad 2+, iPhone 4+ and iPod 4+
What my kids like:
The mere fact that this is a Wild Kratts app is enough to keep my kids enthralled, but my son loves that the game is so interactive requiring him to tilt the iPad mulitple ways to make their character move. Three animals are featured: orangutans, dolphins, and woodpeckers. So my kids get to explore three different habitats and learn about animal behaviors. But perhaps my son's absolute favorite part of the app is how it allows him to take a picture of himself and embed it into a template of a creature power suit. Now he is the character, not just his heroes, Chris and Martin. Then he can take that image of himself and stamp it onto a "sticker sheet" and save the image so he can add more to it later.

What I like:
Once again, I like that this is an educational app that actually teaches my kids science concepts in a fun way, and not just some mindless game to keep my kids from being bored. I also love that it uses characters my kids know and love, making the experience more exciting. It wasn't long before my son was telling me about Pilleated Woodpeckers and what they looked like! Each animal has 10 different levels to complete and along the way my kids earn points and treats like the "selfie" photo, as well as learn fun facts about the animals. It is the perfect app for my budding scientists!


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