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7 Books to Help Celebrate National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month! Poets, teachers, libraries and booksellers are ready to encourage poetry to the young and old. Throughout the country, poetry will take center stage in order to bring more attention to this literary art. Here at Mommy Maestra, we are ready to acknowledge the importance of poetry in our American culture. We celebrate authors and poets of all backgrounds and have compiled a list of suggested books to help you teach poetry in your classroom and at home.

Here are 7 books to help you celebrate National Poetry Month. Enjoy!

Poetry for Young People: Maya Angelou, Introduction by Dr. Edwin Graves Wilson
The first living poet to be included in this series, Maya Angelou showcases 25 poems to potential readers as young as eight years old. Every child should know poetry from this award-winning author, playwright, poet and legend.

Guyku: A Year of Haiku for Boys by Bob Raczka
One of our favorite books, Guyku is as fun as it sounds. An introductory book to Haiku, the Japanese poetry form, is also a favorite of reluctant boys who believe poetry is for girls. This book begs to differ!

Pablo Neruda: Poet of the People by Monica Brown
A children's book about one of the best poets of the 20th century, this biography of Pablo Neruda is perfect for children of all ages. Both Pablo Neruda and Monica Brown are a pride of Latino literature and this is a must for every child's bookshelf.

Here's a Little Poem: A Very First Book of Poetry by Jane Yolen
A fantastic collection of over 60 poems for the youngest of readers. Jane Yolen has compiled works from the greatest poets of all time. Margaret Wise Brown and Langston Hughes are a couple of our favorites and we are thrilled they are included in this great anthology.

An Honest Boy, Un hombre sincero by Magdalena Zenaida
Based on the Cuban author, poet, teacher and revolutionary, this story of Jose Marti, describes how one's personal views on life, no matter the issue, can be described with such beautiful words.

Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein
A classic! Where the Sidewalk Ends is timeless, the poems are hilarious and the illustrations are captivating. Not only is Shel Silverstein one of America's most beloved poets, his books are considered the best in children's literature.

Hip Hop Speaks to Children: A Celebration of Poetry with a Beat by Nikki Giovanni
An anthology that includes lines and rhymes from famous hip hop and rap artists like Kanye West to historical heroes like Martin Luther King Jr. Children will be able to listen (CD included!) and learn that poetry is literally everywhere.

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