Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Learning: A Child's Life in the Andes

Today's post is a part of my Summer Learning Series with ideas and activities for helping your child avoid summer learning loss.

Last May, I was contacted by Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou, a talented musician and multicultural folk singer. She's also the owner of the site, DariaMusic.com, which introduces world music for children.

Daria has a new book and CD available - and it is a GOLDMINE of educational material for parents who are looking for fun projects to keep their kids busy learning this summer.

A Child’s Life In The Andes is a 35 page eBook that brings the culture of this historic region alive through rich photographs and kid-friendly information. Your child will learn all about the Quechua culture: from geography to songs and instruments, to what it's like to be a child in the Andes, to the food and animals of the region.

Within the pages of the eBook you'll find three children’s activities, eight coloring pages, two language pages, and a word search that features new vocabulary. 

Although I recommend this eBook as an exciting way to keep your kids learning this summer, it is also perfect for classroom use or as a homeschooling/home study resource as well. 

Activities Include: 

Make Your Own Panpipes 
Make Your Own Rainstick 
Stuffed Animal Parade (Corrido De Cuy) 

Chapters In The Book Include:  

About The Songs 
About The Instruments 
A Child’s Daily Life 
Animals In The Andes 
Foods In The Andes 
Languages Of The Andes (Spanish and Quechua) 

Coloring Pages Include: 

Charango (stringed instrument) 
Zampoñas (panpipe) 
Chapchas (rattle)
Bombo (drum) 

We've been exploring the booklet this week, listening to the beautiful music, and learning about the different songs. My son had the best time assembling his own zampoñas...

Daria's music CD is available from iTunes and Amazon as an mp3.  The CD and book combination can be purchased from TPT or from DARIAs Little Village Store.


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