Sunday, July 21, 2013

Games for Language

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It's been a while since I've posted a review of Spanish learning programs, but you'll be please to know that I have three on my editorial schedule for this summer. I'm starting off with Games for Language.

Games for Language is an online program best geared for older students (teens and adults) who have some sort of previous knowledge of the language (though that is not a requirement). However, my son who is seven had fun playing some of the games after watching me do so. I would bet that middle schoolers would also really enjoy this program.

The site offers games that build vocabulary and focus on conversational language acquirement. You currently have the choice of 4 languages (Spanish, Italian, French, and German) though they are currently developing a version on English for Spanish Speakers, but it is not for sale yet.

I had the chance to review the site, so naturally I chose to explore the Spanish 1 course, where I first discovered the "game board" shown here (It actually starts with Scene 1, but I forgot to snapshot it):

Each scene centers around a travel scenario. So for example, the first game in Scene 1 focuses on travel words when you are on board an airplane flying to Spain. When you click on your first game sequence, you'll then be presented with list of games you'll be playing to master vocabulary...

It's best to start with the first game as each game builds upon the vocabulary you've learned in the previous games. Scene 2 (shown above) has a variety of fun games to play, some of them different from the ones in Scene 1. Here's a few screenshots of the individual games, though not in any particular order:

At the end of the scene, you have a chance to listen to a story that uses all of the vocabulary and phrases you've just learned. And you can finish up by recording your own words so that you can adjust your pronunciation accordingly.

I really enjoyed going through this site, but definitely think it works best with students who already have some knowledge of the target language. It is a great tool for mastery. And I love how Games for Language continues to provide resources for their subscribers by adding to their site and via their Facebook page (which is continually updated with links, tips and mini-lessons) and blog. On the site, you'll also find a dictionary and soon they'll be adding complete vocabulary lists and mp3 audios of all six (6) levels.

Games for Language is a fun way to complement more comprehensive courses and can be used as a weekly reward or incentive.

Click here to learn more about the methodology behind this program.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, though I did receive access to the site for review purposes and I have used my affiliate link in the post above. All thoughts and opinions expressed above are my own.


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