Sunday, May 12, 2013

¡Muévete Hoy! #FightLatinoObesity

You may remember me sharing this video last year and the week I dedicated to fighting Latino children's obesity. But the reality is that a week isn't long enough. Obesity among Latino children has reached epidemic proportions. HALF of Latino newborns today will develop diabetes. Our children's weight has long-lasting affects, so it's time we become aware of the risks associated with our children's diet and physical activity levels and it's time for us to make wise choices.

So I hope that you will be seeing more posts here on MommyMaestra dedicated to sharing resources and ways for you to help your children get moving and eat right.

For those of you living in the middle of the city, if you don't have a local park that you feel safe taking your children to play in, and if your child's school does not offer daily PE classes, then maybe you need to think outside the box and get creative when it comes to getting your kids moving.

The new "Muévete Hoy!" exercise video infuses Latin dance moves and a catchy beat as a way to get people up and moving during a break at a conference, meeting, educational seminar, or after school and on the weekends.

To request a DVD copy to play at your meeting, e-mail alejandro.

The video below was produced by the Institute for Health Promotion Research at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. For more information, visit or read their blog.

Get your kids moving!


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