Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Appreciating Those Who Teach

It really does take a village to help raise and to educate our children, doesn't it? Whether your kids are home schooled or attend a traditional school, there are a lot of people who take part in teaching our children. Some see them every day or maybe a couple times a month. This week is Teacher Appreciation Week but don't stress if you haven't gone out to pick something out for them. As the school year ends, you can also put together something as an end-of-the-year gift. Simply taking the time to say thank you is really the most important idea.

Preschool teachers, tutors, therapists, coaches, music teachers, art teachers, activity leaders, and religious education teachers are all helping our students become well-rounded individuals. They all deserve a little recognition- but that's a lot of people and it can get a little expensive to buy something for everyone.

Nevertheless, whatever your budget might be, little things really are the best. Here are a few inexpensive ideas:

Gift Cards. As low as $5! Teachers love a cup of coffee or a small contribution to help buy all types of books.

Chocolate! A small box of sweets still goes a long way! If I received too much, I always brought it out when guests arrived in my home.

Baked goods. Have your child get involved in baking a small batch of cookies, cupcakes or muffins. Kids love to participate in gift giving.

School supplies. Help your teacher replenish file folders, crayons, markers, tape, staples. Every little bit helps a teacher's

Flowers. Bonus if you have a garden! Freshly picked flowers by a child? So sweet.

Hand written cards and illustrations with your little ones sincere sentiments. And a great teachable-moment from you to your child.

Many kind and selfless teachers will tell you they don't want a gift but I promise you that they do want to be appreciated. When I was teaching, cards made me very happy, but I won't lie and say I didn't love the chocolates! Are there any other inexpensive ideas you might want to add? Please share!


Betty Galvan, is helping her readers "find the positive and seek the benefits" over at her blog, MyFriendBettySays.com.

She is the mother of three beautiful little boys and a teacher.

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