Friday, May 3, 2013

Book Review: Mom Goes to War, Mamá se va a la guerra

Mom Goes to War, Mamá se va a la guerra
written by Irene Aparici Martín
illustrated by Mónica Carretero

For every family that has ever had to battle cancer at some point in their history, this is a book that helps children to understand the experience in a less frightening way.

Mom Goes to War is about a queen who must explain to her two sons about her fight with breast cancer. In the story, she calls a the princes together and tells them about the rebellion happening in her body. She explains the many battles that she alone must fight, but emphasizes her need for an army of allies who will support and strengthen her. Children will learn about the human body, like the role of ganglions as watchtowers to announce the spread of the 'armed rebels,' or cancer cells. But there's no need to fear, because the General (a.k.a. doctor) has a plan of attack that he is putting into place to help defend the queen.

I love books that help children to understand real-life situations. This books is VERY well written and describes a woman's battle with breast cancer in such a way that children can understand the process with a minimal amount of fear. The illustrations enrich the text with soft watercolors that bring the whole story to life.

And do you know the best part? Mom Goes to War is published by the Spanish publisher, Cuento de Luz, and is available both in English or in Spanish. The English translation was done by Jon Brokenbrow and he does a great job.


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