Monday, April 1, 2013

Tech Tuesday: BrightStart Spanish App

Name: BrightStart Spanish
Subject(s): Literacy (Letter & number recognition, writing)
Brief Description: Children learn how to pronounce, read, and write upper and lower case letters and numbers.
Price: FREE - $1.99
Language: Spanish (though an English version is also available)
Ages: Pre-K through 1st grade

What I like:  

As your children work their way through this app, they will learn how to pronounce, recognize, and write all of their upper and lower case letters. Each letter and number is not only pronounced for the player, but also used at the beginning of a word. Kids use their fingers to connect the dots to correctly write the letter or number.

Additional notes:

This app is available in both English and Spanish with a lite version that is free, and a "Pro" version for educators that costs $1.99. This is a really great tool for parents of preschoolers.


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