Thursday, April 25, 2013

Free PDFs of Spanish Textbooks for Grades PreK - 6th


MommyMaestra readers are the best. They are supportive, helpful, and always willing to share information to help the other parents who follow along.

I received this email from Jessica Lemley-Carballo a few days ago, and I just want to say to her, muchisimas gracias for sharing this with me and all of the other readers who are out there looking for resources.

I hope some of you find this really beneficial.


Hi Monica,

Recently, I stumbled across Mexican Governments Basic Education Reform page.  I was surprised to see that they offer textbooks for free in PDF version on their website for grades Prek-6.  The textbooks cover all the subjects and are very engaging.  It's truly an amazing resource.  Of course, the website is in Spanish as are the textbooks.

The website is--

Under search enter: Alumno, 2012-2103, Preescolar or Primaria and Grade level.

The download seems to be pretty slow but worth it! There seems to be more in the way of videos and activities that I haven't explored yet.

UPDATE: Apparently the site has been reorganized. Here are new links that may help you:


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