Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spanish App Review: National Geographic Kids Spanish Edition

By Betty

Name: National Geographic Kids Spanish Edition
Subject(s): Reading, Science, Geography
Brief Description:  A magazine-style app for your iPad and at your children’s fingertips in Spanish! Full of facts, beautiful photography and engaging word games.
Price: $1.99
Language: Spanish
Ages: 6 and up

What my kids like:  My son just turned six, speaks Spanish and currently reads it as a beginner. He immediately started to scan the National Geographic app on his father’s iPad and his eyes lit up at the realistic images displayed. He particularly enjoyed the water facts. There were 20 different facts on this article alone and they were each displayed as icons, a cool effect when opening up each fact. He also enjoyed learning about pirates and reading a tender story about a turtle and its “friend.”  Some of the Spanish was difficult for him to understand and he demonstrated some frustration. We used my iPhone to look up words in the dictionary (two gadgets!), so he enjoyed that very much!

What I like: I always think that if I am going to pay for an educational app (or any app) I want to make sure we can use it over and over again. I started to read aloud to my son and realized the Spanish was not going to be easy for him. I saw this as an opportunity to help him figure out and look up words he didn’t recognize. I translated a lot but I consider that great practice for him. He made a great effort at reading the captions and short paragraphs. Although he was a little frustrated, I like that National Geographic Kids is so visually stunning and full of great fun facts that it kept my son interested. I wish the app had more games. The word game “Completa y diviertete” was difficult for me! I don’t know Spanish grammar that well and I needed my husband’s help! The only suggestion I would make to the developers of National Geographic Kids would be to add a variety of age appropriate games. Technology like iPads and their applications make children believe they are “playing,” and mothers like me love it if they are learning as well.


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