Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Book Review: Basher Science

Don't let the subject title of the books turn you away as they have in the past for me! If I see "Physics" anywhere, I just keep going. These books definitely caught my eye. I judged the books by their cover and they didn't disappoint. Because of the subject matter, these books are clearly intended for children in grades 4 through 8. Nevertheless, an introduction to any of these science subjects to younger children is a possibility due to the fact that the creators, writers and illustrators of these books are simply amazing at relating to kids.

Talk about knowing how to hook students to science! Talk about the ability to connect with kids and make teaching science so much fun and interesting. Just like many kids his age, Diego, who is in kindergarten, has been talking about space and planets for a long time. Recently though, he went from reciting the planet names to asking questions about gravity, dwarf planets and orbits so I had to think about a way to help him explore beyond me Googling for answers.

Lucky for all of us, during one of my volunteer shifts at his school's library, I came across Basher Science! Ooooh, how I wish I had these books when I was growing up! I remember sitting through countless science classes in grade school through high school and being bored out of my mind while the teacher gave us notes on atoms or force or rocks and minerals. I also remember now that while teaching literature to middle school kids, novels with graphics (whether it was handwriting style or with photographs) helped many of my students stay interested. Basher Books have created anime style illustrations and are explaining science the way kids talk: the recipe for a successful method of teaching all types of science material to students.

I checked out Basher Science: Astronomy: Out of this World!and Basher Science: Physics: Why Matter Matters! for Diego as I know these are his current obsessions. "Mami, gravity keeps us down! And did you know that speed and acceleration are different??" Um, no. Let's look it up!! And there is so much to look up! I love the tone in these books. A great example: "Acceleration: Forget the need for speed-I've got what it takes to get you going. I'm what makes things pull away from one another, like cars at traffic lights. I'm a total adrenaline junkie who likes to live in the fast lane."

There are titles in our library such as Rocks and Minerals, The Human Body, Biology, and Planet Earth. Also, while doing research for this post I see they have just created new titles such as, Basher Basics:Dinosaurs (Santi, my two year old will LOVE it), Basher History:U.S. Presidents, and Basher Basics:Creative Writing (coming out July 2013)! As a teacher, I believe in taking any material that inspires the educator and applying it to any type of student; young or old (I too have learned a lot with these books). As a mother, purchasing reference books are an investment. I need them to last for all three boys, and I need them to be "meaty" as I like to call them. In other words, I want to own a modern encyclopedia with lots of information that we can go to in the upcoming years.  The fun factor is definitely a bonus and Basher Books are doing it all!

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