Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tech Tuesday: Rounds Parker Penguin App

Today's app was developed by Nosy Crow, the same company who created Rounds: Franklin Frog. I decided on sharing this second review because my kids enjoyed Franklin Frog so much!

Name: Rounds: Parker Penguin 
Subject(s): Science, Reading
Brief Description: An interactive life-science, non-fiction app following the life cycle of a penguin.
Price: $4.99
Ages: 2 and up

What my kids like:

Even though my oldest is eight, this app is so engaging and interactive, she opens it again and again. My kids are huge animal lovers, and they really enjoy learning all sorts of facts about the animal world. This app satisfies their appetite for animal trivia, while making learning fun with its interactive layout. Kids tap on the characters to read or hear the dialogue, or they swipe the screen to make Parker dive, eat, and even jump out of the water. The app gives them the option of reading the story on their own, or using the narrator. And if they happen to get stuck on what to do next, the characters prompt them through their dialogue.

What I like:

The educational aspect, of course. I really like that they understand the concept of a life cycle after playing with both of these apps. And it is great for studying about the Antarctic and its habitat. Along the way, my kids learn about other animals, too.

But I also like that my six-year-old can practice reading with the app. Even if he chooses to use the narrator, the app uses word tracking and highlights the words as they are spoken. This app is great for preschoolers and elementary students.


This app is only available in English. I'm hoping they consider offering a Spanish version, as I know many of you would use it with your nenes!

This is a great supplement for your child's core curriculum, and really helps kids to understand how a life cycle works.

You can learn more by watching this introductory video:


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