Friday, January 4, 2013

El Buzón de los Reyes Magos

Really thrilled to have found this incredible website dedicated to Los Reyes. Based out of Spain, El Buzón de los Reyes Magos is in Spanish only. The site is a visual feast for both children and adults.

There is a section dedicated to the history of Los Reyes that parents and children can visit together. Your child can also watch two fantastic animated videos and explore the Kings' palace or learn about Mechor, Baltasar, and Gaspar individually.

There is also a section just for parents, where they can create letters from the Reyes year-round and send them to their children whenever they need a little reminder to behave themselves!

Be prepared, though, for some differences. Having researched Los Reyes for a good while now, I've discovered that their individual stories are not consistent. Sometimes Gaspar is the one from Asia, sometimes it is one of the others. In one version, Melchor may be recognized by his flaming red hair...but not in another! So if you have already taught one version about the Reyes to your children, you may prefer to preview the site first in case it doesn't match your family's own traditional story.

Ibi has also created a free app by the same name. It mainly focuses on allowing your child to create their own letter to Los Reyes. But you can also watch the videos on your iPad.

Enjoy this awesome find!


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