Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Las Posadas Craft: Luminarias

las posadas luminaries

Today's Posada craft was so simple to create! My kids had a blast making their farolitos...and I think they all turned out beautifully.

Here's what you'll need to create yours:

- Paper bags (any color, though, white is nice!)
- Punches with different designs
- Wavy scissors
- Stick-on Gems (optional)
- Battery-powered tea lights

The key to this craft is finding a magnetic punch. I happened to be looking through the Marth Stewart section in Michaels the other day and found this one on sale for $11. (But if I had used my 50% off sticker it would have been cheaper!! Oops.) But there were MANY more designs to choose from! (I sense a lighter wallet in my future.)

First, remove the top portion of your punch, and center your bag on the base plate.

Next replace the top. You don't have to worry about centering it; the magnets will pull it into place. We did find it helpful to hold the paper bag in place, though, with one finger as the motion of the punch sliding into place can pull the bag off to the side.

Then your child can simply push down on the top! It should punch very easily.

Next, let your child use smaller punches to decorate the edges. Be sure to save the punched out shapes for future craft projects. (They also make great confetti...ahem. Cascarones!)

If he/she wants to, your child can then use their wavy papercraft scissors to make a decorative edge along the top. I have one child who likes to do it willy-nilly, and the other who likes a perfectly straight edge. If your child is like this, then you can help them by showing them how to draw a line across the top using the bottom edge of another bag as a ruler as shown...

Open your bag and stick in a battery-powered tea light (I don't like to use candles in paper bags with the children around - fire hazard!) And you're done!

If you're kids are artsy like mine, they may enjoy embellishing the outside a little bit with some stick-on gems or stamps/stickers.

Have your children make a small stack of these for gift giving. Abuelitas are sure to love them!
Oh, and they make good night lights, too!

Happy crafting!


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