Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lee Paso a Paso Spanish Reading App


Update: For my complete list of apps to teach kids how to read in Spanish, click here.

Today's app was recommended by a reader. Lee Paso a Paso is available in a free Lite version, or a more comprehensive version available for purchase here. I would recommend you download the free version and see if you like it first.

I don't have any experience with it, but I wanted to share it with those of you looking for Spanish educational apps. You made it pretty clear on FB that you want Spanish apps that are interactive and require thinking on your child's part. So I thought the best way to do this feature was to share the developer's explanation of the app and let you be the judge.

Name: Lee Paso a Paso
Subject(s): Spanish, Reading
Brief Description: A phonics-based app to teach Spanish reading skills using a step-by-step methodology.
Price: FREE for the Lite version, $1.99 for the complete version
Ages: 4 and up?

Product Description:
Go step-by-step by learning the sounds of vowels, and identifying syllables and their sounds to form words. With the use of images, letters. and words children build skills to read on their own.

*** Great for kids who speak Spanish as a first language and are just starting to read
*** Great for kids and adults who are learning Spanish as a second language, helps them with vocabulary, identifying sounds of letters and words.
***Learn skills with games to achieve prizes. Use syllables to form words. Match words to pictures. Complete words with missing syllables.

With Full Version obtain….More than 130 images and more than 200 words and more to come…
Currently 15 letters and 60 syllables covered, more to come in future updates.

Choose different levels of difficulty-
Level 1 … Step by step… Learn step by step one letter at a time; earn prizes as you advance thru the games.
Level 2 … Practice…. Choose which letter to practice, have a greater range of words and images to practice with.
Level 3 … Expert … Choose which game to practice, all the letters and images are presented in the game in no specific order.

You can also watch an introductory video in English or Spanish.

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