Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rubber Shoes: A Lesson in Gratitude

I love books that are educational, but I am especially fond of books that help develop character and values. So when I received a copy of Rubber Shoes: A lesson in gratitude, Los zapatos de goma...una lección de gratitud by Gladys Elizabeth Barbieri, I was delighted with the message found inside the pages of this book.

Rubber Shoes is a bilingual book about a little girl named Gladys Elizabeth, who is terribly excited one day to learn that her mami is taking her to buy new shoes. But that excitement quickly turns to disappointment when her mother buys the dull, brown, rubber shoes on sale in the shop instead of the pink ballerina slippers of Gladys's dreams. Embarrassed at having to wear them to school, Gladys gets in a lot of trouble over the following days as she (unsuccessfully) plots ways to ruin the shoes. But once she outgrows the shoes, her mami teaches her a lesson in gratitude she won't ever forget.

Written in first person, this story immediately captured my children's attention because the feelings expressed by the main character are ones to which they can relate. I like that my kids can see their own emotions reflected within the story line, in a situation not unlike many they have experienced themselves.

This is a delightful picture book that is beautifully written and illustrated. Lina Safar's watercolor drawings are warm and inviting, and very expressive. The book is written with full text in both English and Spanish.

Parents and teachers will appreciate this book as a tool for teaching appreciation, gratitude, and thoughtfulness.

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Con mucho cariño...

Disclosure: This book was sent to me for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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