Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Engineering, Go For It!

Welcome back to Day 3 of STEM Week here on MommyMaestra!

Interactive Engineering Website for Kids

Engineering, Go For It! is an interactive site for students, who can choose from 15 different areas of interest all related to engineering. For example, if a student selects "Oceans" they will learn how engineers are making a difference in oceanography. From robotic vehicles for exploring the deep to coastal and environmental protection, your child discover different ways that they can have a career in oceanography with an engineering degree.

Students can also "engineer" their own path to college. Students may explore the types of jobs engineers fill and learn 10 essential steps for getting into the engineering program of their choice.

Your kids can also subscribe to their newsletter or follow their blog to learn about other students studying for an engineering degree.

Engineering Resources and Materials

Parents and teachers will love their online store which offers cards, posters, a children's book, eGFI magazine (shown above - see a sample here), and other materials for introducing or encouraging your children/students to explore engineering. You can even purchase an Introductory Kit which includes one of each of their products for family use, and includes a free teacher's guide.

Engineering Toys for Kids

Books about Engineering for Kids

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