Friday, October 21, 2011

Thank You To My Sponsors

This weekend, I am attending the 2011 Blogalicious Conference in Washington D.C. This conference celebrates diversity in social media and was created for multicultural bloggers like myself.

I am so grateful to my sponsor Mamiverse, as well as Latina Mom Bloggers, and Bren Herrera for making this trip possible.

I'm looking forward to learning how to make this blog even better, and to connect with other organizations and bloggers who are dedicated to improving the education of our country's children. And I hope to be able to discover additional resources to share with you. You can follow my tweets from the conference if you follow me @LatinMami.

If you are attending the conference, or if you live in the area, I would love to meet with you. Stop by and say hi!

Un abrazo...


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