Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fabulous Resources for College-Bound Latino Families

College is a long way off for my kids, who have just entered kindergarten and 2nd grade. But I have been thinking about it even before they were born. I am determined that they both attend college so that they can pursue the careers of their choice.

Already I feel the stress of the financial burden that comes with putting two kids through college. I worry that my husband and I won't have enough saved for both of them.

But I have hope.

I am fortunate to have friends with older children who are going through the process of applying to various universities, and who are navigating the financial aspect associated with this tremendous endeavor. And lucky for me - and others! - they are sharing their experiences online.

But I also have hope because it seems as though almost every week, I am running across great opportunities for Latino students. The number of scholarships is rising across the country.

Here then, are some of my favorite resources for Latino families with college bound children:

College Bound Latinos™ E-Mentoring Group

Created by, this group is for parents and students interested in academic success and preparing for college applications. It is composed of individuals who are ready and willing to answer any questions regarding academic success in middle school and high school, as well as information on college applications, financial aid, and college admissions standardized tests. Take the time to scroll through the posts. You'll find some good information.

Mariela Dabbah

Mariela Dabbah is a valuable resource. She is the author of numerous books on education, including Latinos in College: Your Guide to Success. Dabbah is also an education and career coach, as well as an education columnist. One of her websites, Latinos in College, is a goldmine for students and parents, and I would encourage you to follow its Facebook page. She is a smart lady, as you can see from this Mamiverse interview.

Vida y Familia

Univision's Spanish-language, digital magazine is dedicated to education and covers everything related to it: from preschool to college, to science, language and more, you'll find some excellent articles to help guide you through your child's education process. I think my favorite is the "Inspírate" section which shares inspiring stories to help keep parents and students motivated. It also has a huge section on scholarships.

A week ago, I was invited to attend a blogger breakfast with McDonald's. I knew that they were active in the community, but I had no idea the amount of focus they place on education and in helping community educational efforts. Most notable, perhaps, is their RMHC/HACER scholarship, which is one of the largest college scholarship programs for Hispanic students. It has awarded more than $20 million in scholarship funds to nearly 14,000 Hispanic students! (Guau!)

Their bilingual website is wonderful and you can find lots of information about the scholarship, as well as an education guide, videos, and a school planner. McDonald's also works with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) to offer free, bilingual college workshops to Hispanic families across the country.

Con mucho cariño...


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