Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pizza Hut's BOOK IT! Reading Program

Attention all homeschoolers: Registration for the Pizza Hut BOOK IT! reading program is officially OPEN for the 2011-2012 school year!

How many of you participated in the BOOK IT! program this past school year? We did, and my kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

This reading incentive program works like this:

• Teachers/homeschoolers with students in K - 6th, register their class/family (for free!) through the BOOK IT! website. Next September, Pizza Hut will ship the materials to each family.

• The teacher sits down and sets goals for each student in the class. The program kit includes a tracking chart and other printables to make the process easier. For example, I started off requiring that my daughter read 12 books the first month. She accomplished this easily, so for the next month, I bumped it up to 20 books. This next year, we might set a goal for reading 20 minutes a day.

• Once your child meets his or her monthly reading goal, the teacher gives them their Reading Award Certificate, which entitles them to one free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut.

I really appreciate the fact that teachers/parents are in complete control of this and can assign a child to read X number of books, pages, or minutes per day/week/month. You can also choose what your child reads, so if you are raising a bilingual child, you can have them read books in Spanish/French/etc.

And the BOOK IT! website is very supportive, offering teachers and parents lots of tips and tools to help their children read.

Individual families CANNOT register their children unless they are homeschooling. If you are not homeschooling, you can check with your child's school to see if they are participating in the program, or look it up here.

My daughter was the only one old enough to participate in this program, but my son will finally be able to take a part in it this coming year, too. But even so, they both enjoyed the trips to Pizza Hut to redeem my daughter's Award Certificates. She was so proud to be able to hand that award to our waiter herself!!!

As far as reading incentive programs go, I have to say that this one has been excellent motivation for my familia.

Bien hecho, Pizza Hut!

If you are a homeschooler or teacher and would like to register your student(s), head over and sign up now.

Con mucho cariƱo...


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