Monday, May 23, 2011

Celebrating Memorial Day with Your Children

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This coming weekend, we will all be celebrating Memorial Day. We are always on the hunt for unique ways to celebrate holidays around here. This week, I'll be sharing some lesson plans, articles, and books to enjoy with your children. But here are a few of the ideas that we are considering putting together for our Memorial Day celebration (the recipes are bien deliciosos!):

Easy Decorations for Your Kids to Make

Patriotic Papel Picado - A few weeks ago, Sra. López shared on FB this awesome tutorial for a DIY papel picado garland. Why not buy the doilies in patriotic colors and have your kids make a red, blue, and white garland?

• Patriotic Piñata - I can't decide if it is actually unpatriotic to smash away at an American flag piñata, or not! I think we may make one in a different shape, using patriotic colors instead - like this one. We'll be working on this project this week, so I'll post our final product when it is finished! 

Yummy Recipes to Make with Your Kids

Buffalo Pinwheels - These are super easy! I'm looking forward to trying these, because if they are as good as they look, they just might become a new addition to our regular lunch menu! (Kroger has a bilingual website, Moments of May, which has a great list of other delicious recipes, coupons, and activities for children. Go and take a look!)

Fabulous Three-Berry Tart/Fabulosa Tarta de Tres Moras - My mouth began instantly salivating the moment we saw this recipe on the Que Rica Vida website. It is at the top of our list. Don't worry, the recipe is available in both Spanish and English!

Stars and Stripes Forever Dessert Recipe - Oy! This dessert is running a close second. Maybe we can make two? I think the kids would have fun punching out the stars using a cookie cutter. Taste of Home has several other patriotic recipes for you to choose from, too.

Spanish Pork Burgers - Wow! These look super fantastic!! And after looking at the ingredients, I know this is not like any burger I ever had in Spain before. But the flavors look promising - not to mention the picture!

Mango, Jicama, and Cucumber Salad - The ladies at Muy Bueno Cookbook have done it again! What a sweet side dish! Talk about a burst of flavor in your mouth. It's like having a party on your tongue! I know my kids will love mixing the ingredients together...and maybe sneaking a few bites while doing so.

Mango, Watermelon and Coconut-Pineapple Paletas - From my favorite food blog, A Little Cup of Mexican Hot Chocolate. Clementina never fails to deliver mouth-watering recipes that are authentic, but are perfect for celebrating almost any occasion. And the stories that accompany her recipes never fail to entertain and bring back old memories of my own childhood.

Then wash it all down with...

Agua Fresca: Agua de Piña - Agua frescas come in a variety of flavors. This is not an easy phrase to translate; literally it means "fresh water" but I prefer to translate it as "refreshing waters." They are tasty, light, and easily quench your thirst. They are one of my favorite things about summer...and one of my kids' favorites, too! And this recipe from The Other Side of the Tortilla is unbeatable! Try them yourself, and you will be forever hooked!

What is your menu for this weekend?

Con mucho cariño...

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