Monday, May 16, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean Activity Pack (And Other Pirate Activities)

By the end of the week I'm hoping to be celebrating my anniversary by sitting in a theater watching the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie, swooning over you-know-who (see picture), and cheering that they have finally pulled in a Latina to act opposite him. Based on the previous Pirates movies, I know we won't be taking the kids with us - they're a little too young for this still.

But my kids are locos about pirates. And so if you have young children who are also pirate crazy (or older ones that you are taking to see the movie), I am happy to give you this special activity pack that Disney created and is allowing me to share with you. It includes door hangers, a maze, coloring page, pirate skull mask, and more. 

And because I am in a swash-buckling kind of mood, take a look at these other (non-Disney!) pirate-themed activities: / Pirates! - Fun games, word plays, and crafts.

Awesome Pirate Games for Kids - It really is an awesome list!

National Geographic Kids/Pirates - Pirate mania! (It's cute.)

Pirate Unit Links - Posted by the Pasadena ISD, this page has a lot of really great links for studying pirates.


Pirate Ship Craft - This is super cute and easy to do.

The Great Pirate Activity Book by Deri Robbins

1001 Pirate Things to Spot (1001 Things to Spot) by Rob Lloyd Jones, Teri Gower and Michelle Lawrence

The Best Book of Pirates by Barnaby Harward

En español:

Actividades para una fiesta de piratas - Includes a really cool downloadable map.

Cuentos para dormir - Dos audiocuentos sobre piratas.


Mi Pequena Larousse Enciclopedia Los Piratas (Mi Pequena Enciclopedia) (Spanish Edition) by Françoise de Guibert

Manual de piratas by Monica Carretero

El pirata, Lucía y el dragón (Spanish Edition) by Luis Ramón Letosa Rodríguez  
Con mucho cariño...


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