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Capybara Lesson Plans, Printables, Crafts, Videos & More

Capybara Lesson Plans, Printables, Crafts, Videos & More

Discover the fascinating world of capybaras with our collection of capybara lesson plans, crafts, printables, videos, and books. Perfect for homeschool or classroom use.

If you are learning about South America or the Amazon Rainforest, you might want to explore the world of capybaras! These adorable and fascinating creatures are the largest rodents in the world and have a lot of interesting features and behaviors to explore. Here are some resources in English and Spanish to help you learn more about capybaras.

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Lesson Plans & Activity Packs

  • Rainforest Biome Animal: Capybara  :: Simply Learning Shop
    This activity packet is great for Montessori style classrooms and home lessons. PreK - 1st grade

  • Capybara Unit Study :: Easygoing Acres
    This unit study is meant for elementary aged students and can be adapted to older elementary students. Approximately a 3 - 4 day unit. K - 5th grade

  • If you are on Study.comCapybara Facts: Lesson for Kids 
    Best suited for students in elementary grades. **Note: requires a membership for full access to their lesson plans.

  • Capybaras Reading Passages Comprehension Activities  :: Top Floor Teachers
    This high interest reading comprehension resource about Capybaras covers nonfiction content standards. These activities are perfect for the upper elementary and middle school language arts classroom. 5th - 7th grades.

  • El Capibara: Capybara MiniLesson and Printable Activities for Spanish Class :: OohLaLlama
    Great for SPANISH LESSONS. Help students acquire high frequency language structures naturally while learning about this friendly, fascinating animal. Student-tested and approved! 2nd through 9th grades

  • Capybaras' Revenge (Current Events) - 3 versions + activities in Spanish :: The Comprehensible Classroom by Martina Bex
    La revancha de los carpinchos is a current event from 2021 in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Due to habitat loss, capybaras have invaded private, gated communities in search of food. This resource features three versions of La revancha de los carpinchos, all written in Spanish: Básico, Intermedio, and Avanzado. 7th through 12th grades

Crafts, Printables, & Activities

  • Capybara Bead Pattern (Coming soon!)
    This adorable pattern is easy to use with Perler Beads or similar brands. 

  • Capybara Coloring Page from Twinkl
    This simple coloring page is perfect for young children.

  • Capybara Jungle Coloring Page Digital Download by BethNewcott
    This fun coloring page is for older students who may enjoy a more artistic challenge.

  • Capybara Masks Printable Color + Coloring by FrozenPirateMasks
    This is super fun and you have the option of printing a full-color mask or a black-and-white version that your kids can color themselves.

  • How to Draw a Capybara :: HelloArtsy
    Super fun activity.

  • How to Draw a Capybara :: How2DrawAnimals 
    Another, more complex how-to video that is better for older students.

  • Capybara Printable Craft :: LearnCreateLove
    Here's a free and crazy cute cut and glue craft that your younger children will enjoy.

  • Capybara Perler Bead Pattern on Pinterest. Looking 

  • Capybara Coloring Book by PaperLand Publishing
    A good collection for older students (tweens & teens) who like to color more complex pages.


In English:

In Spanish:


Books in English

Alfredo Soderguit

The Capybaras
by Alfredo Soderguit 

Hens and their chicks love their warm, snug home. Life is simple and comfortable in the chicken coop, where everyone knows their place and worries are far away. Until one day, when the capybaras appear. 

To the hens, the capybaras are too big, too wet, and too hairy. They don’t even follow the rules! But it’s hunting season, and the capybaras need somewhere safe to hide. Can the hens learn to get along with their unexpected guests? 

This delightful story shares the importance of opening our hearts to each other, no matter our differences, and the marvelous surprises that can happen along the way. Ages 4 - 8

You're a Good Friend, Capybara

You're a Good Friend, Capybara
by Chronicle Books

This lighthearted ode to friendship is delivered by capybaras, gentle giants who are known for their calm demeanor and social friendships with other animals, from dogs and monkeys to turtles and birds. This gift book features charming photography of these cuddly creatures and their assorted animal companions, paired with sweet advice and odes to friendship, straight from nature's experts. This celebration of the capybara's community, love, and kindness towards everyone—regardless of whether they have hooves, claws, or shells—is a must-have gift for friends of all sizes.


by Bill Peet

The true story and adventures of Capyboppy, the Peet family's pet capybara.

I am a Capybara

I am a Capybara
by Michela Fabbri 

A capybara is not a mouse, or a beaver, or a bear, and has all sorts of surprising traits you will soon discover. But while every capybara has teeny tiny ears and a gigantic nose, this endearing capybara happens to love poetry and the opera, and even dressing up as a whale! He speaks candidly about his experiences and feelings, and he likes to find common ground with others, like his best friend, a little bird. Although he may appear to be a tough guy, he still likes cuddles and care. 

Capybara by Megan Borgert-Spaniol

by Megan Borgert-Spaniol 

This children's book is part of the "Rain Forest Animals" series and provides an introduction to capybaras for young readers.

The Mighty Capybara: The Fascinating World of South America's Largest Rodents

The Mighty Capybara: The Fascinating World of South America's Largest Rodents
by Elli River

In this comprehensive and engaging guide, you'll discover everything you need to know about these charming animals, from their physical characteristics and behavior to their cultural significance and ecological importance. With in-depth chapters covering everything from the history and evolution of capybaras to their role in the ecosystem, reproduction and family life, and even tips for observing and photographing them in the wild, this book is the ultimate resource for anyone interested in these amazing creatures. Best suited for older students in middle school and up.

Books in Spanish

Los carpinchos

Los carpinchos
por Alfredo Soderguit 

El capibara con botas

El capibara con botas
por Mira Canion

***Language Learner Literature An easy Spanish reader containing just 55 new vocabulary words and English-Spanish cognates. 

Normal capybaras swim well. Carlos is the only capybara in the Amazon Rainforest who can't swim. Things don't look good for Carlos away from the water.

El gran viaje de Capy: La capibara aventurera

El gran viaje de Capy: La capibara aventurera
por Jose Navarro Hernández 

A lo largo de su viaje, Capy descubre nuevos lugares y se encuentra con diferentes animales y desafíos que pondrán a prueba su valor y coraje. Con la ayuda de sus amigos, Capy aprenderá importantes lecciones sobre la importancia de la amistad, el trabajo en equipo y la perseverancia.


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