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Flashcards on Hispanic Figures & Events in History

Flashcards on Hispanic Figures & Events in History
The following is a sponsored post in collaboration with Chicanx Scholars. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

One of my favorite things about Hispanic Heritage Month is learning about (and sharing!) remarkable resources that help our kids learn about the contributions of Latin Americans in world and U.S. history. This line of flashcards from Chicanx Scholars is a prime example! And what makes them even better is that the company was started by parents who reflected on their own school experiences, recognized something was lacking, and did something to change it for future generations. 

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Flashcards Featuring Hispanics in History

There is a growing number of children's books that highlight the Hispanic experience. But finding other materials continues to be a challenge. I appreciate it when people realize the value of creating and using other types of learning tools, because not all children learn the same way, nor are they all avid readers. Some kids prefer to learn through activity-based projects. 

These flashcards provide a way to supplement books and worksheets when teaching about Hispanic Heritage Month. And there are three different sets from which you may choose.

Flashcards on Hispanic Figures & Events in History

The History of Mexico Flashcards

While all of the decks that are available are excellent, this is probably the best set, in my opinion. Why? Because it is really hard to find ANY resources in English that are about the history of Mexico...and geared for children.

I've seen several parents asking for materials on Mexican history and historical figures in my Facebook group for Hispanic & Bilingual Homeschoolers. And each time, it has been a real struggle to find resources to recommend. Not anymore! This flashcard set will be at the top of my list. 

This set of 52 cards covers people and events from the Olmecs to the Mexico City Earthquake, and Benito Juarez to the Battle of Zacatecas. I would use this as a spine for studying Mexican history and select a card, then research the topic of the card more in-depth (or have your student do so). 

Each card comes with an image and the name on the front, and a bullet-point list of key facts on the back. Most of the cards also have a date on the front, but a few don't because dates aren't applicable. It's obvious that a lot of work has gone into researching each cart topic. I give this deck an A++ rating. :)

Flashcards on Hispanic Figures & Events in History

The Chicano Movement Flashcards

These flashcards take an in-depth look at the Chicano Civil Rights Movement. It includes, of course, Cesar Chávez and Dolores Huerta, but it also highlights many little known leaders of the movement, whose work made a national impact. Quieter figures such as Helen Fabela Chávez (Cesar's wife), Jessie de la Cruz, Emma Tenayuca, and Rodolfo Acuña are featured. (Don't know them? Look them up!!)

But there are also a lot of important moments in the Chicano movement that are included. This is especially important because too often historical events are often overlooked by (non-Latino) historians or those creating curricula.

Latinas Breaking Barriers Flashcards

This, of course, is always a popular topic. Latinas love stories or resources that highlight the achievement of other Latinas. We already know how tough we are. But we want the world to know it, too. And when we see these stories being written down and handed down, there's an orgullo that we ALL feel. Because we know these women; they are our mothers, our grandmothers, our tías, and primas. 

I looked through this one curious to see if there would be anyone listed that I didn't recognize and I was happy to see quite a few of them. Many of them are from California - which is where the Chicanx founder, Danny, is from. If you are from California, you may find this to be especially interesting. But either way, what a great way to introduce new Latina faces and their accomplishments. 

Flashcards on Hispanic Figures & Events in History

How to Use Them

There are a few different ways to use these flashcards. As I mentioned earlier, the main way I would use them is as a spine for a class on Mexican studies, Mexican-American Civil Rights, or Latina studies. 

Students can memorize the names and accomplishments of each person, place, or event. They can also choose a card from the deck and do more thorough research or a presentation on the topic. (The picture above is one of the graphic organizers from my Historical Figure & Event Study Pages set.)

The decks may also be used as a trivia game to assess your child's knowledge of the subject. 

Or you can simply use them as conversation starters for your class or family.

What I Like

I find these cards to be a fabulous resource for parents regardless of whether or not they are homeschooling, as well as educators. I could easily create a homeschool course for my teen on any of the three topics covered by these flashcards. The figures and events on each card present the perfect jumping off point for more in-depth study and all together would be a great way for parents to supplement their children's history education. 

It's important to note, however, that the focus is primarily on Mexican/Mexican American figures and events. If that's what you're looking for, then these sets are for you! That said, the Latinas Breaking Barriers set does take a broader look and includes international figures such as Guatemala's Rigoberta Menchu, Chile's Michelle Bachelet, Puertorriqueña Dr. Antonia Novello, and several others.

Buy Them Today!

Visit the Chicanx Scholars shop on Etsy and take a look at their card decks for sale. Or, if you know exactly which one you want, you can click on these links to take you there:

Mexican History Flashcards

Latinas Breaking Barriers

Latinas Breaking Barriers

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Flashcards on Hispanic Figures & Events in History

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